• October 2, 2023

Poker Etiquette

 Poker Etiquette

Thirteen ways guaranteed to get you blacklisted and become the least popular online poker player on the net.

  1. Speak a dialect that almost no one can understand when you call. Chinese or an obscure African dialect will work very well. You are bound to attract the manager’s attention if you make ample use of confusing words and signs.
  2. Use abusive and foul language when you are communicating with other players. Undoubtedly this will spoil the game and poison the atmosphere for everyone.
  3. Take the opportunity to boast about your business – come on strong with the other players and try to take advantage of the fact that they have lots of money. Promote yourself and your business shamelessly.
  4. A feature of online poker is the account you create online. If you open an account that looks suspect by using an obviously fictitious name such as a dog’s name or provide an oddball address you are sure to call attention to yourself and get your account blocked. Once your account is blocked you can then threaten to sue the casino for being prejudiced.
  5. Call the floor manager for help but when he comes use abusive and foul language and complain that he didn’t come quickly enough. Assume a pompous attitude as if you are the most important person in the casino and that your own needs come before everyone else.
  6. When it is your turn, take your time and play as slowly as you wish but when it is another player’s turn rush him along and continuously complain about how slowly he is playing.
  7. Most sites have a time limit to make a play. Make sure you keep the other players waiting until the last minute before you make your play and do it in a casual manner.
  8. Be a “know it all” at the table and criticize all the other players or offer unsolicited advice to everyone.
  9. Most players are quiet while they are playing, preferring to keep their thoughts to themselves. You can really get their ire up by talking constantly and interfering with their play.
  10. In a chat situation ask other players for their email address and provide your address to them. This will get your account closed for sure.
  11. Without alerting the manager, change your location.
  12. The best and fastest way to become blacklisted is to attempt cheating, collusion or fraud.
  13. And finally, make a deal with a friend where you let him raise the pot to the maximum and then fold so he will take the pot – this is cheating, collusion and fraud all rolled into one and a sure-fire way to get you kicked out of a casino.
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