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Commonly Used Rules and Regulations in the Casino Industry

 Commonly Used Rules and Regulations in the Casino Industry

The following is a list of commonly used regulations adhered to by many casino businesses in the gaming industry. These are designed to protect both the casino and its players.

Casino employees are not permitted to solicit or accept tips, gratuities, or any other benefits from players or customers participating in casino games.

Casino employees are not permitted to advise players on how to play casino games, except in accordance with gaming rules.

Players and spectators are not permitted to offer advice or influence the actions of another player during the course of a game.

Players and spectators are not permitted to engage in side bets with or against each other.

Players who are seated at a table game who do not place any wagers during three consecutive rounds of play may be asked to retire from the game.

Casino operators may at their discretion reserve one or more gaming tables for the private use of a group or an individual, or for the promotional and/or tournament purposes.

If a table is reserved under the rule above, players must be informed that it is not available for general gaming. A sign should be displayed prominently either on or above the gaming table.

Casino operators may close a gaming table at which players are present, providing he informs players at least 20 minutes before the closure. This rule applies only during the casino’s operational hours.

Casino operators may set minimum and maximum wager limits at each gaming table, subject to any directions issued by the Authority.

Minimum and maximum wager limits must be displayed prominently at each gaming table. Unless stated on the sign, wagers are not required to be made in multiples of the minimum.

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No casino operator, player or dealer has the authority to raise or reduce the minimum table wager limit shall be raised unless: a sign indicating the new limit and the time the change is scheduled to take place is displayed at the table for no less than 20 minutes beforehand, or in the event that all players at the table agree to the change, or that the table is opening for the first time in the day, or if there is no gaming activity taking place at the table.

Casino operators may allow a player to wager above the maximum table wager limit, providing that a sign indicating both the minimum and maximum wager limits for that table is displayed.

No wager shall be made or accepted in connection with any game if it falls outside the rules of the game, or does not comply with wager limits indicated on signs displayed at the table, or players partner for the purpose of boosting wager limits, or the wager fails to comply with any specified wager level applying to the player making the wager.

Casino operators must deal with all wagers placed with them strictly in accordance with the applicable rules. A player’s entitlement to winnings shall be determined in accordance with the rules, irrespective of any overpayment by casino operators, and casino operators shall be entitled to recover any overpayment.

Casino operators must ensure that all winning bets are paid for in chips, unless the rules of the game specify payment is acceptable by other means.

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Subject to the application of approved procedure permitting the payment of winnings in another form than chips, where it is not possible to pay the exact amount of winnings in chips, the winnings shall be rounded to the next highest amount in which payment can be made in chips.

The responsibility for collecting and claiming all winnings rests with the player.

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